Food & Friends is a non-profit organization that delivers meals and friendship to homebound patients with HIV/AIDS and cancer.  They are very similar to Meals on Wheels, but they take it a step further. They will even help with peoples pets. They deliver three meals a day for over 1,000 individuals. They have grown incredibly in the past few years and are now delivering into parts of Maryland and Virginia. Craig Schniderman, the Executive Director, is to be commended for his empathy and caring of people who need their service. I'm sure he wishes he could feed the whole world.  

Visit the Food & Friends website for pictures and more information. 

Reverend Carla Gorrell founded Food & Friends in 1988 when a friend, sick at home with AIDS, needed something to eat. What began as lunch for one has become 3 meals a day, for nearly 1,000 individuals, six days a week. Over the past decade, we have moved from a cramped church basement to our own state-of-the-art kitchen and pantry facility and initiated new programs to meet the changing needs of people living with HIV/AIDS in the Washington, DC, metropolitan community.

Mission Statement

The mission of Food & Friends is to foster a community caring for men, women, and children living with HIV/AIDS, cancer, and other life-challenging illnesses by preparing and delivering specialized meals and groceries in conjunction with nutrition counseling.


Values of Food & Friends


Accountability:  At every level of our organization we are accountable to our clients, donors, volunteers, staff and the public - with unwavering integrity of program services and financial standards.


Community:  Partnerships and collaborations are vital to our success, both inside and outside the organization, as we build communities that invest in the welfare of others.


Compassion:  With hearts open to the needs of all, we believe friendship, empathy and kindness are as much a part of the sustenance we provide as the meals we prepare.


Dignity:  Through confidentiality, respect, and a commitment to quality of life for all, we recognize the dignity of every client, volunteer, donor, staff member, and guest.


Diversity:  The caring, loving, fun and dynamic nature of our organization is made possible by the diversity of the people we serve and those who help us serve.


Excellence:  At every level of operation and public engagement - from food planning and preparation to nutrition education and workshops, from volunteer coordination to special events - we are committed to the highest standards of quality and excellence.


Reliability:  As safety, trustworthiness and dependability in all aspects of our operations are the cornerstones of our services, our clients, volunteers, staff and guests can rely on us to fulfill our mission without fail every day.